The jacket of the Leviathan platform has arrived in Israel. In the next few days, it will be fastened onto the seafloor at a depth of 86 meters and will be anchored in place with giant pegs.

The jacket is 98 meters long and was transported on a huge 180-meter-long barge that set out from the United States on a 29-day journey during which it crossed the Atlantic Ocean.

The Leviathan project is the largest and most important energy project in Israeli history. The project will have a tremendous positive impact on the State of Israel’s supply redundancy and will end the need for coal, reduce the use of pollutant and expensive fuels, and allow for strategic export to countries in the region and beyond.

The topside of the platform will also arrive within the next few months, and natural gas production is expected to begin in the last quarter of the year. This is a day of celebration for the Israeli economy and for every Israeli citizen. Congratulations and good luck to Leviathan!