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Conferences and Lectures

Amir Foster is a world-renowned expert on energy, specifically on the eastern Mediterranean Basin, and serves as the executive director of the Association of Oil and Gas Exploration Industries in Israel. Amir's extensive knowledge, expertise, proficiency, and ability to analyze data about the energy, oil, and natural gas sectors have earned him frequent appearances at conference podiums, panels, and press appearances in Israel and worldwide.

Amir spoke at the 27th World Gas Conference that was held in Washington and attended by leading experts from across the world (June 2018). Amir was also the first Israeli representative to ever speak at ONS Norway (August 2018). In addition, he spoke at the Fourth Conference on Energy and Economy (June 2018), the 16th Israel Energy and Business Convention (November 2018), and more.

This page is updated from time to time with information about events at which Amir is scheduled to attend.

6th Session Group of Experts on Gas

The session was held at the headquarters of the UN in Geneva in March. Amir was invited to make a presentation on the developments in the Israeli gas sector as well as the Mediterranean Sea and to speak about the possibility of gas from the region being exported to Europe in the future. Amir placed an emphasis on the great potential that exists in the eastern Mediterranean Sea and the energy cooperation that has been taking place between the countries of the region. He took part in a panel alongside senior officials involved in major projects responsible for the supply of gas to Europe, such as Nord Stream and TAP.

MedaWeek Conference in Barcelona (November 21-23, 2018)

The Mediterranean Week of Economic Leaders, or MedaWeek, conference was held mid-November in Barcelona for the 12th time. In addition to Amir who served as the Israeli representative, more than 1,500 experts and opinion makers from the three continents surrounding the Mediterranean Sea attended the conference to discuss ideas and suggestions for regional cooperation in the energy sector. At the conference's energy session, Amir presented the outlook for the Israeli natural gas industry and placed an emphasis on the regional energy cooperation. The session also featured speeches by senior officials from Italy, Turkey, Cyprus, Algeria, and elsewhere.

The 16th Israel Energy and Business Convention 2018 (November 19-20, 2018)

The Energy and Business Convention, organized by Eco Energy and Tachlit Conventions, is the main and most significant energy forum of its kind in Israel held at Kfar Hamaccabiah. Company representatives, energy experts, and policymakers from Israel and across the world come together to discuss current and future global, financial, and technological trends in the energy sector. Amir gave a speech about the price of natural gas in Israel and internationally.

ONS Norway (August 27-30, 2018)

Launched in 1974, the event that takes place annually in Stavenger, Norway is considered one of the largest energy conferences in the world and hosts thousands of experts in the energy sector from dozens of countries. In 2018, Amir Foster spoke at the conference in light of developments in our region's energy sector over the last few years. Amir was the first Israeli representative to ever speak at the conference. He discussed developments and opportunities in the natural gas sector in the eastern Mediterranean Sea.

The Fourth Energy and Economy Conference (June 12, 2018)

The Fourth Energy and Economy Conference is an initiative launched by the Green Energy Association of Israel, the Energy Ministry, the Manufacturers' Association, the forum of private producers of natural gas energy, the Association of Oil and Gas Exploration Industries in Israel, and other organizations. The conference was held in June 2018 in Airport City. Amir Foster attended the conference as one of the speakers on a panel to discuss gas and oil exploration.

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